What would you do with your life if you weren't spending so much time fighting with your website?

Here's the deal; you're really good at what you do. Now imagine what you could be doing if you had a partner to handle the technology side of things. Here's what I can do to lend a hand:

Services Provided

Build something awesome

If you've ever thought, "gee, it would be great if my website could do X ...", then chances are, I can make it do X. And probably Y and Z too.

WordPress made easy

WordPress is powerful, but without the right tools in place, it can be difficult to use. I specialize in helping business owners take full advantage of all that it has to offer.

Sell your products online

No matter what you're selling, I can help you to create an easy-to-use online storefront which connects you to your customers 24/7.

Reconnect with your customers

I can help you set up email marketing, live chat widget, Google Analytics, advertising using conversion tracking with the Facebook pixel, and much more.

Create an online course

Earn a living teaching what you know, to students across the globe; I'll help you to create online courses using LearnDash or a similar platform.

Search engine optimization

Pleasing the gods of Google doesn't require slathering your blog posts in spammy looking tag clouds; I'll help you rank organically for the words which matter the most.

The Process: How We'll Do It

Here is an ugly truth I struggled with for many years; consultants are a dime a dozen.

Any idiot can build a website which serves a particular function, and many idiots do. At every level, the winning sales pitch is so often the peak of the experience; things rapidly degenerate from there. Miscommunication and missed deadlines are the norm; eventually, the project limps across the finish line, if it even makes it there at all.

For this reason, it's my belief that the real magic in any client engagement -- and the thing which separates the world-class from everyone else -- isn't so much what we'll do together; it's how we'll go about doing it.

I'll be blunt; I'm a recovering idiot. For years, my skill as a developer was overshadowed by my inability to manage the project decisively on my clients' behalf. But I've been fortunate to have been mentored by some really world-class people, including Chris Johnson of Simplifilm.